Project Title

Children as experts - gaining eLearning skills and self confidence, inspiring and supporting the same in others.

Despite an increase in equipment and professional development in eLearning and inquiry learning there has not been the desired result in terms of level and regularity of integration resulting in skilled and confident users. Digikidz who are experts can be asked to support others within their own class and other Junior level classes to relieve pressure on classroom teachers who are learning to teach in new things in new ways.

The data below shows the results of a Google Docs survey collected using a Google Form:

This information in the Teacher Survey Results highlights highlights the need for Digikid support for children and teachers:

Written results of a skype interview with some of Elm Park School's Year 6 Digikidz (see below):

Below is the full recording of the Skype interview to ascertain the purposes and effects of having Digikidz at Elm Park School:


I can independently use a select range of programs and web 2.0 tools in my own learning with confidence (Kid Pix, Photostory 3, Voicethread, Kidspiration, Sounds Great, Smart Phonics, Wordle, Scribblar, KnowledgeNET).
I can help a friend use the above mentioned programs and web 2.0 tools to support their learning.
I can help my teacher use the above mentioned programs and web 2.0 tools in the classroom.
I can independently use a digital camera and flip video camera with care and confidence.
I can help a friend use a digital camera and flip video camera with care and confidence.
I can help my teacher use a digital camera and flip video camera in the classroom.

Increased participation, engagement and enthusiasm for eLearning across the Curriculum.
Increased confidence and independence of children and teachers to use a variety of sight, sound and motion programs/web 2.0 tools.
Increased inclusion of programs, web 2.0 tools and digital technologies in teachers' weekly and long term planning.
Increased use of blogs to share digital work.
Development of digital resources for children's self reflection and goal setting.
Where next??? Impact on eLearning...

This project centres on child centred eLearning practice. This project will allow me to assess, reflect and gain insight into the effect of children supporting their peers and teacher on their own skill and self confidence levels and those of their friends and teachers. Through gathering rigorous data I will be able to justify the necessity of time to upskill children in eLearning to create a vaulable resource within our school.
This project will give me a greater understanding of how support can impact on integration of eLearning.
This project will allow me to investigate and measure whether this eLearning practice is as effective as I think it will be.
Benefits to the School and Education Community

At an individual level I believe this project will have a positive effect on the children's self esteem. That they will become more confident not only in their eLearning capabilities but in their ability to interact with their peers and teachers. Their communication skills will develop as they learn how to teach others. They will feel empowered by their accomplishments. They will develop their responsibility through handling equipment and committing to the job of being a Digikid. This may also allow for extension for very capable children who excel in their own classroom.
At a classroom level having some experts in each class will provide both children and teachers with support. The teacher will be able to use the Digikidz to work one-to-one with a friend or else remind them of how to do something so they may show the class or else share their expertise with the whole class. The teacher will be able to manage the class more smoothly as there will be more support thus the teacher will feel successful and willing to repeat the exercise.
At a year group level other teachers and children will be able to access this resource. If a particular class expert is away there is still the ability to access the resource. If more help is required it can be called for. If a Digikid is unsure they can request assistance from a fellow.
As a school forming a team of experts has many potential benefits. These children would enter their next year level with leadership potential and skill in eLearning that can continue to be developed. It will support the implementation of the Revised New Zealand Curriculum. It will help address the ongoing need for increase of ICT equipment within the school when submissions are made to the Board of Trustees for funds. It will assist parents if their children are willing and able to show them how to access evidence of their learning at school, particularly if the parents lack confidence in ICT.