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'A child is not a vessel to be filled but a lamp to be lit.'
(Hebrew Proverb)
I believe in the importance of igniting interest, scaffolding and helping children gain skills for learning to learn.

Children as experts - gaining eLearning skills and self confidence, inspiring and supporting the same in others.

This space will be used as a place for me to share my findings as I undertake action research in Terms 1 and 2 of 2010.

This inquiry is an investigation into whether using Year 1 and 2 children to support their peers and teacher in eLearning, has a positive effect on their own and others' development of skills and confidence. The work that we do together will be added to a Digikidz Blog so that it may be shared. I then wish to look at the effects this form of peer support in eLearning has on child and teacher engagement, participation and increase in integration of ICTs in the classroom to support learning across the Curriculum.